Nick Channer

We have a Bale Baron… Hesston knotter stack puts 4 strings around 21 small bales… unbelievable bit kit… 
British Farming Forum, 30 August 2012

Aaah… I see… we have the newer version… "Bale Baron"… best bit kit to be available to farmers in the 22 years I've been in farming… revolutionised the small bale job… 
British Farming Forum, 21 June 2012

Steve and Penny

Steve and his partner Penny grow 450 acres of grass in Lincolnshire specifically for the equine market. The introduction of the Bale Baron® has enabled us to bale and stack upto 4000 bales per day into the barn, with the help of only one loader driver. I like the Bale Baron® for it's simplicity, with minimal moving parts and the proven double knot system of the Hesston knotters, identical to our own big baler. The Bale Baron® works quickly and does not hinder our Welger 830 baler.

Moving bales from the field is always a slow process, not with the Bale Baron®, trailers are loaded with 500/600 bales in approx half an hour. With a slight modification The Bale Baron® will tie packs of twelve, this is a great advantage to our small bale haylage business as we can wrap packs of twelve quickly and then wrap them as individuals when time allows.

This season we baled 35,000 hay bales and approx 8000 straw, in 2011 we aim to bale 60/70,000 hay and 10,000 straw. Lorries were previously loaded by hand, not any more, packs are loaded easily by teleporter, the only time we handle the bales is when we deliver to customers unless of course they have a machine!!!

Alastair Blaber

Convinced I needed to tap into the premium small bale equine market I was converted to small bale packing 5 years ago. I ran a Bale Bandit in the first year but could not achieve the capacity I required and therefore purchased a second Bale Bandit.

I continued for two years and eventually purchased an Arcusin Bale Packer to try to solve the problem of putting through the desired quantity of bales. I still found myself struggling and in desperation started to convert my customers over to big bales until I was introduced to the Bale Baron. Bale Baron UK convinced me that the Bale Baron® would meet the capacity and reliability that I needed.

In the first year I have baled over 42,000 bales and couldn't have been more impressed with the Bale Baron and I am convinced that in a normal yielding year I could have easily baled the 60,000-70,000 bales that I am looking for. On top of all the other benefits of the Bale Baron® I have been able to use up my big bale twine left over from last year!