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Bale Baron UK are the official UK Dealer for Marcrests Bale Baron Range, Solis Tractors Dealer for Sussex, Surrey and Kent, and distributors of McHale Machinery.

The Bale Baron® is either pulled directly behind a conventional baler or worked independently to makes 9, 12, 18 and 21 bale packs. The front caster wheels and entry chute are designed so that bales feed through smoothly from baler to Bale Baron®, even on sharp corners. Bales pass on to a rotating turntable which positions them ready to be loaded into the pack.

Once a full set of bales is in place, the pack is compressed and a standard Raspe knotter ties the whole bundle, the rear doors open and the newly-tied bundle is pushed down the exit ramp.




About Bale Baron UK

The Bale Baron® can pack up to 1000 bales an hour depending on the model and tractor used (7000 to 8000 bales in a day) and Bale Baron® packs are handled with a loader, eliminating the need for manual labour.

Each trailed machine supplied by Bale Baron UK comes with a set of hydraulic pipes, brackets and bale chute for your baler. Both the trailed and pick up models come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. One of our engineers will make a farm visit to check the setup of your tractor and baler to ensure that you are getting the best performance from your Bale Baron®, and demonstrate the Bale Baron®, showing all users how to operate and maintain your machine.

Bale Baron UK supplies full back-up, technical support and spare parts services operating a 24hr phone line to respond to any service/spare parts requirements during the season.

For in-depth information on the Bale Baron® please visit the manufacturer’s web site


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E: info@balebaronuk.com
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